Bon Appétit!

In Morocco, meals typically start with olives and mezze, a selection of salads served as dips with traditional flatbread. This is typically followed by a tagine – a delicious dish of either chicken, beef, fish or meatballs, cooked slowly with vegetables and spices in an earthen-ware clay pot. Couscous is another local favourite. Main dishes may be served with a salad and are followed by a simple dessert such as a platter of prepared fresh fruits and sweets. Mint tea finishes the meal in true Moroccan style

Some examples of the dishes available include:

  • Chicken Tajine with picked lemons and olives

  • Beef Tajine with figs and walnuts

  • Beef with dates and almonds

  • Lamb or Chicken Cous Cous with seasonal vegetables

  • Vegetable Tajine with chick peas

  • Vegetable Cous Cous with egg and almonds

  • Fried Sardines with chermoula

  • Fish Tajine

  • Spinach salad with preserved lemons and olives

Located at 95 Derb Sakka, Marrakech Medina, Morocco

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