Bon Appétit!

In Morocco, meals typically start with olives and mezze, a selection of salads served as dips with traditional flatbread. This is typically followed by a tagine – a delicious dish of either chicken, beef, fish or meatballs, cooked slowly with vegetables and spices in an earthen-ware clay pot. Couscous is another local favourite. Main dishes may be served with a salad and are followed by a simple dessert such as a platter of prepared fresh fruits and sweets. Mint tea finishes the meal in true Moroccan style

Some examples of the dishes available include:

  • Chicken Tajine with picked lemons and olives

  • Beef Tajine with figs and walnuts

  • Beef with dates and almonds

  • Lamb or Chicken Cous Cous with seasonal vegetables

  • Vegetable Tajine with chick peas

  • Vegetable Cous Cous with egg and almonds

  • Fried Sardines with chermoula

  • Fish Tajine

  • Spinach salad with preserved lemons and olives

Fish tagine
Moroccan salad with peppers
Moroccan salad with cauliflower
Moroccan salad with spinach
Berber tagine with chicken

Located at 95 Derb Sakka, Marrakech Medina, Morocco

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