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Join us on a delicious 1-day cooking lesson in Marrakech

During this exiting one day workshop you’ll begin with a visit to the souk to buy fresh ingredients and then have the opportunity to prepare your own 3-course meal in a professional kitchen environment with the support of an experienced Moroccan chef and an interpreter.

A taste...

Accompanied by the cook and your guide/interpreter at the start of the day you’ll be invited out on a shopping expedition to the local market to buy the ingredients for the particular dishes of your choice. Once in the market you’ll receive an introduction into real Moroccan cuisine and the dishes being prepared. Back at the kitchen workshop your guide will translate as the cook prepares the dishes. You’ll then commence food preparation, following the instructions of the chef. Once the dishes are ready tasting will commence!

Your menu

0900: Meet guide and visit workshop

0930: Visit local market to buy ingredients

1030: Return to kitchen workshop

1045: Cookery lessons commence

1400: Lunch is ready!

Main ingredients

  • This is a private cookery lesson

  • The lesson operates on a daily basis

  • Duration is approx. 6 hours

  • Rendezvous with your guide in Djemaa el Fna

  • Start Time is 0900 

  • End Time is 1500

  • An English and French speaking interpreter is included

  • A 3-course lunch is included – prepared by you!

Prices, Departures & Essential Booking Information


£48 (based on 2 participants), £46 (if 3), £44 (if 4), £42 (if 5), £40 (if 6+ participants)


Services of cook and an interpreter, use of cooking utensils and kitchen equipment, provision of food to prepare a 3 course Berber lunch.


Drinks, optional transport to local market, tips and items of a personal nature.

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